Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Flowood Teens Had a Blast Designing Tech Franken-Toys!

Flowood Library had a great turn out for our Teen Tech event making Franken-Toys last week.

The teens made toys that could spin and race by finding motors and gears from old tech devices and other toys.  Check out their cool and creepy creations!

The creations that didn't move were pretty amazing as well!  I mean, I never would have thought to make these creepy dolls!

Join us next week on Thursday, October 24th at 6pm to make CREEPY cupcakes with us!  You know you want to show off your talents!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Flowood Teens host Teen Tech Night with Franken-Toys

Have you always wanted to design your own mutant toy? Well, here's your chance to show off your skills. We are taking old toys  and old tech devices and tearing them apart to put together our own new creations. 

We are meeting tomorrow night at 6pm at the Flowood Library to make Franken-Toys! All supplies will be provided. This program is free and designed for students in grades 6-12. I can't wait to see you all and see what you create! Snacks and sodas will be provided while supplies last.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

October is Going to the Teens & Tweens

October is a great month. Fall is finally in the air, football is back full force, and Halloween is just around the corner. A month where scaring someone is completely acceptable and even encouraged.

For the Magee Library, October means some really cool things happening for our Teens and Tweens. This year, we are combining two great weeks, Teen Read and Teen Tech, into one great month, TeenTober!

We will be having an awesome Tech program for our Teens and Tweens! LEGO Mindstorm Kits!

Our Tween (5th - 8th grade) program will be Monday, October 21 @ 4 p.m.
Our Teen (9 - 12th grade) program will be Monday, October 28 @ 4 p.m.

For the Read part of the month, we will have a passive program going all month!
We want all our Teens and Tweens to stop by the Library and write a poem. Since it is October, we thought Zombies would be a good theme to write a rhyme about! We can't wait to read the results!

Come by the Magee Library and help us celebrate TeenTober!

Monday, October 7, 2019

TeenTober Tech

Hello Teens!

This Monday saw a great program for TeenTober! We were honored to host the robotics team R U Serious as well as their array of technology. The event started off with a brief introduction to the types of programs the team would be using in order to build their robot. They also showed us what goals they would be programming their robot to meet in order to win their upcoming competition. After a small demo, the team showed off their 3D printer and explained its workings.

There were also some examples of circuitry set up throughout the room. There were a few Makey Makey kits (set up to play piano using PlayDoh) as well as an energy stick that was activated even through a group of 11 people (to create the human circuit)!

As seen in the picture above, the event concluded with the teens getting the chance to code some bots of their own! The team produced a pair of Ozobots for this opportunity. After a brief discussion, the teens had the chance to code their own track for the bots to run. I'm not going to lie; it was awesome!

Don't forget: the next program (for both Middle Graders and Teens) will be October 21st. Come join in for our Pizza Taste-Off to determine which pizza restaurant has the best in Brandon!

See you soon!

New Guessing Game @ Brandon

Hello Teens!

We have a new guessing game for the month of October going on at the Brandon Public Library. In the jar you can see in the picture, there are several lines from a popular novel (don't worry, I didn't actually cut up a book for this). Without opening the container, you must guess the title of the novel in question. At the end of the month, all those who guessed correctly will win a prize! Just make sure to get your guesses in while you can...the book will change with the month!

(Also, yes, that is a gourd creature from the last Middle Grade Monday: Create Your Own Creature. His name is Dumblegourd. You can see some of the other creatures on our Facebook page or our display in the Young Adult section of the library.)

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Flowood's Got Talent - What's Your Talent?

Are you ready to show off your talents?  We only have one day left until the Flowood Teen Karaoke Night.  Join us Thursday, September 26th, at 6pm and perform your favorite Karaoke song.  If you don't want to perform, how about joining us for pizza and sodas, and cheering on your friends.  We look forward to hearing your fabulous voices and hanging out with you.

Did you see the fantastic Alien Art that was turned in for our contest?  Kennedy was our winner and received 2 gift cards from our amazing teen program sponsors as her prize.  Kennedy will get some free pizza from Little Caesars and get to do a little shopping at Five Below as her reward for winning the Teen Alien Art contest.

Keep watching for the fun things we have in store for October!  It will be a Spooktacular month!