Friday, September 3, 2021

BRANDON: The Power of the Card...

Hello Teens!

That time of year has arrived: Library Card Sign-Up Month! This is the perfect chance to get your card of awesome power (seriously, you can check out books, video games, movies, and use the computer for free; that's awesome power!). And if you sign up at the Brandon Public Library, you can get some very special incentives: for children, you can pick a prize from the treasure chest; for adults, you register for a gift card drawing! So come in and grab your prize!

Also, we have some special packets just for you: Top Tips for Teens and Tweens. Each week features a different topic with some helpful hints, ranging from the serious to the silly (but still all helpful). 

We also have a special something in the works that we need your help for; FRANKENTOYS! Please donate your old or broken toys to the circulation desk at Brandon by October 1st to make this project possible! Let's make some new friends for Frankie!

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Stay safe, stay sane, and stay awesome!