Monday, June 23, 2008

How do you eat pizza?

"With your hands" says Angela McInnis.

We began the evening by playing Etiquette Jeopardy. We divided the teens into groups. I gave a few of the answers away because my fingers clicked a little too fast but I do not think the teens cared. We were surprised by some of the questions for the answers given.

After the introductory game, Ms. McInnis shared her knowledge of etiquette with us. Regardless if one is female or male, etiquette is important. From correctly asking a person on a date to using the correct piece of silverware at a formal dinner, there seems to be many rules to abide by but
Angela McInnis recommends books like Emily Post's Etiquette for any questions regarding manners. It seemed like the teens had an enjoyable time learning how important etiquette is.

Refreshments were provided by Kroger, County Market, and Dominos Pizza.