Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A TURKEY for Thanksgiving

I absolutely LOVE to read...anything and everything. I like mystery, adventure, science fiction, romance, fantasy...

Very, very seldom do I read a book that I can find nothing good to say about it. Usually I'm happy I spent the time to read it. On occasion, however, I run across a book that screams WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO READ THIS???

Such is the case with Busted by Phil Bildner. It was not entertaining; it was not exciting; I learned no valuable moral lesson. So I present to you for Thanksgiving a TURKEY of a book. Everyone is capable of being 'busted' in high school. From the honor student to the star athlete. Busted contains four stories that occur during one year at Coldwater Creek High School. All four stories relate a tale of being caught doing wrong.

CHALLENGE: I challenge you to read the book and then post what I missed. I must have missed something...there are so many books submitted for publication, I'm sure there must be some reason this one was chosen from the many for publication.

So, are you up to the challenge?


Phil said...

Yes, I encourage you to read BUSTED as well. Encourage your friends to get copies, too. Thanks for spreading the word and helping send this turkey into its fifth printing!

The Author