Friday, January 21, 2011

The Knife That Killed Me - A Dark Read

In the Author's Note at the end of this book, Anthony McGowan says, "The Knife That Killed Me is dark all the way through. Instead of making the reader laugh, I want to grip him or her by the throat, gradually increasing the tension until it hurts. It's a harrowing story but, I trust, a compassionate one too." I can definitively say, I believe Mr. McGowan achieved his goal.

The last page of this book was turned last night and still the events are stirring in my head. Is high school really this bad for some students?

The book opens with a description of the knife that killed him and then proceeds into the story of Paul Varderman, a young man who is a loner looking to be a part of the life we call 'high school.' Will he join in with the freaks or perhaps, Roth's group, a bully feared and hated by everyone? This book evoked so many emotions: fear, outrage, disbelief, compassion...

At the end of almost every chapter, I meant to stop and put the book away never to finish the end; but I couldn't do it. I HAD to follow through to the very you will, too!