Saturday, January 21, 2012

Printz Watch (part 4)

This is the last Printz Watch blog because the Printz Award winner and honor books are announced MONDAY! We're super excited about that announcement over here at Pearl, but until then, here are the two final Printz contenders that we read:

This book is told in three voices, in two different times. Rebecca is forced to move from Greenwich to a tiny coastal village. She is angry and isolated until she meets local girl Ferelith, who begins to tell her about the dark secrets and legends of her new town. Ferelith is the strangest girl she's ever met, but Rebecca is fascinated anyway, until things start to get stranger and stranger. The second storyline comes in the form of increasingly frenzy and upsetting journal entries of a local priest in 1798 who enters into a dangerous partnership with a mysterious man. As the story of what they're up to unfolds, you'll be shocked. Y'all, this book is actually, truly terrifying. If you're a fan of horror or gothic mystery, you'll love it.

Elisa is the younger of two princesses, but she is the chosen one: she has the godstone embedded in her belly button. Though, she reasons, it hardly seems to matter when she is the shy one, the overweight one, the one everyone forgets about. When she is quickly married off at sixteen and sent to a kingdom she knows little of, she has no idea what's happening. As her story unfolds, she finds herself the victim of a politically and religiously fueled kidnapping and must avoid bandits, war, and those who would kill her to cut the stone from her body. This fantasy novel is unique and engaging and Elisa is not your typical hero. She is shoved, quite unwillingly and without any kind of preparation, into a new life. The world that she inhabits is thrilling, with deserts and rainforests, devout religion and dark magic. Though the first book in a trilogy, this one is a delight on its own.