Monday, June 8, 2015

Music Monday - AWOLNATION

It’s Music Monday! What does that mean? The Central Mississippi Regional Library System has a ridiculous amount of FREE to you resources available for patrons. One of those is Freegal, a free and legal service that allows patrons to download three songs each week for FREE (notice the emphasis on free). Every Monday we’ll be picking three songs that we love that are available on Freegal for you to download.

As I’m going to see AWOLNATION tomorrow for the second time, I wanted to feature them for our first Music Monday! They are one of my absolute favorite bands and practically ALL of their music is available through Freegal – so if you like the three songs I’m featuring today, definitely use your downloads next week for more from them. :) My three suggested AWOLNATION downloads this week (aka three of my favorite songs):

1. Burn It Down – an upbeat, attack of a song that will have you pumping your fists and headbanging. This song will shake you up.
2. Windows – My absolute favorite off of AWOLNATION’S new album Run. It’s intense and I CANNOT wait to see it live. I love bouncing around to this song.
3. Run – The perfect introduction to the album of the same name, Run feels like a dream that you don’t really want to wake up from. It builds and builds until finally reaching a wall that you crash into as you start the rest of the album. I love it.
4. BONUS: I suppose you can’t really do a post introducing people to AWOLNATION without mentioning their most well-known single, Sail. I love this song just like the others, so I had to mention it.
5. Yeah, I’m not good at this. Other favorites include: Jump On My Shoulders, ThisKidsNotAlright, Hollow Moon, Kookseverywhere!!!, Jailbreak, and Guilty Filthy Soul.

If any of these songs sound like something you might be interested in, head over to Freegal and download them! All you have to do is log in with your library card number and pin (if you don’t know this, check with your local librarian!) and search for AWOLNATION. Enjoy!

- Stefani