Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Book Review: Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds


Award winner.
Coretta Scott King Honor
Newbery Honor
Printz Honor
Walter Dean Myer Award

Written in free verse
(which is not my thing),
I sat down one morning
to try and force my way through.
But before I knew it
I couldn’t turn the pages
fast enough to
keep the story going.           

Brother Shawn murdered and
Will knows the neighborhood rules:

    1.   Crying. Don’t.
No matter what.
    2.   Snitching. Don’t.
No Matter what.
    3.   Revenge. Do.
    No matter what.

So he finds his brother’s gun
and he’s on his way
to right a wrong
when the elevator
sets him on an otherworldly trip.

From the 8th floor to
the ground floor, the deceased
will step on with a little word
or two for Will.

Don’t want to give
too much away.
You need to experience
this book for yourself.
See the cycle
of violence some live
each day.

What does Will do?
Follow the
neighborhood rules
or break the cycle?
No regrets 
will you experience
from having read
this novel.