Monday, May 17, 2021

What to Do?

If you are like me, some days you just look around and think, what should I do today? I am so glad you asked! With a little time, the internet, and the right questions, you can find plenty of things to do. Some you probably know about and some you might not believe are real. But, they must be because you can believe everything on the internet. Anyway, get ready to have some fun.

Disclaimer: Because of the publication date of this blog, some event days have already happened. No worries, celebrate them anyway!

Things you probably know - 
May 4th - Star Wars Day, go to and use Game PIN 00788105 to see how much you actually know about the movies. Invite some friends and make it a contest. 
May 5th - Cinco de Mayo, go get a taco. Better yet, take a taco to your favorite librarian, hint, hint. 

Ok, enough of those. Now, some you probably do not know. 

May 8th - No Socks Day, yes, you can go sockless today and have a perfectly good reason. If you are like most people, half the socks in your sock drawer are missing one anyway. AND that leads us right into... 
May 9th - Lost Sock Day, seriously, you can't make this stuff up. To celebrate, wear a pair of mismatched socks and when someone says, your socks don't match, tell them that is kinda the point. 
May 10th - Stay Up All Night, Night. For most of you, this one will probably be pretty easy. Remember, no yawning in class the next day. 
May 13th - Frog Jumping Day, time for some exercise! Get some friends together and play Leap Frog! Better idea, take pictures and send them to your favorite librarian. We could use a good laugh. 
May 15th - Chocolate Chip Day, wait, what? People, do we really need a day to enjoy all the goodness that chocolate chips are? I didn't think so. Snack on!
May 21st - National Memo Day. Everybody do this one. Get some sticky notes and write something positive and encouraging on them. Spend the day leaving the notes where someone will find them. Maybe the person that finds one of yours will really need it that day.
May 23rd - World Turtle Day, finally, a day to move slow. To take your time. To not be in a hurry. If someone asks, just tell them you are embracing your inner turtle. Unless your inner turtle is a ninja. Then, bring me a pizza, Michelangelo!
May 24th - Asparagus Day. I told you couldn't make this stuff up. In a word, uck!
Moving on.
May 28th - International Hamburger Day. Yep, this day is so big, it is worldwide. So celebrate with your hamburger of choice and a few good friends. Take time to share what you did for all these different days. 

Hope this gives you some ideas for having some fun this month. Maybe you can find some other days to celebrate, too. 

Oh, May 28th, your favorite librarian likes hamburgers too.