Thursday, June 10, 2021

Would You Rather? and What If?

     My 17-year-old son has always loved "Would You Rather" and "What If" questions ever since he started school (probably before that). He would just randomly hit me with the weirdest questions. It would be related to a video he just watched, something he just read, or something he overheard. You never knew where he was going with the question or when he would hit you with the question. So I thought I would ask you a "Would You Rather" and "What If" question, library edition.

    I'm going to answer each question and hope that if you are reading this post, you too will answer my "Would You Rather" and "What If" questions.

 Question 1: Would you rather read only e-books or read-only physical books?

 Question 2: What if you had to chose to live in the storyline for your favorite book, where would you be going?

  Now for my answers:

    Question 1: I want to say both but that's not how this works so, my answer is...e-Books. I know, I know, but Mrs. Kathie you are the Librarian, you work in a library surrounded by books all day. I hear you, but let me defend my answer. Think about this, we are always in a hurry, constantly moving about, always on the go. Carrying a book bag full of stories with you everywhere you go is going to get tiring and it's going to get heavy and you are just going to give up on it, but if you have your cell phone you can download an app and have an endless supply of stories. Imagine the worlds you could visit, the people you could meet, or the things you could learn. You could just pull out your cell phone while you're riding in the car on a long trip and visit a far-off land. While settling down on your lunch break, you could rediscover an old friend. I love to be able to pull out my device on my lunch break or on a long road trip and read a few chapters in my book. The library has a great app for e-Book (and e-Audio books) called Axis360. Stop by or call your local library to get more information about this app.

    Question 2: Now this question is a little harder for me to answer. I have read so many books throughout my life that I have truly enjoyed, that I'm not sure I could pick just one book. As I sit here and write this post, I have been thinking about this. Where would I like to go if I had to choose just one storyline? Would it be on a deserted island in a treehouse, like the characters from Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss, OR would it be in Yukon, Canada during the Klondike Gold Rush like the characters in The Call of the Wild by Jack London? Although I love both of these childhood classics, I would choose the foothills of the Ozark Mountains based on the book by Wilson Rawls, Where the Red Fern GrowsIt's a story about a young boy who wants nothing more than some coon hunting dogs of his own. After seeing an ad in a magazine, he spends the next two years doing odd jobs to earn the $50 that he needs to purchase two Redbone Coonhounds, Little Ann and Old Dan. It's a heartwarming story and I have read it several times throughout my life and enjoyed it each and every time. It reminds me of childhood memories when things were not so busy and life moved at a slower pace.

    I didn't think I would be able to choose just one book because there are so many places that I have traveled while reading. Some of them were far off in the future, some way back in the past, and some that I hope never become a reality. I hope that you have enjoyed reading my post and I look forward to reading your answers.