Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When Does Love Become Obsession?

'Some secrets are strong enough to pull you under...'

From the cover of Deb Caletti's newest book Stay, and there are numerous times in this story that you believe the secrets are going to pull someone under.

Clara (a recent high school graduate) and her father are spending the summer at the beach in hiding. Clara has spent the previous year in a relationship that turned obsessive and her father wants her out of harm's way. Now, no one -- family nor friends -- knows where she and her father are spending the summer. Their story goes back and forth from the present to past events. As the story unfolds, you see the start, middle and disintegration of Clara's relationship with Christian. But unexpected is that her father has a secret of his own. As their summer passes, Clara meets Finn and her father meets Sylvie. Both Finn and Sylvie have stories of their own.

Clara struggles constantly with her fear...the fear that no matter where she goes, it may not be far enough away from Christian.

Rarely do I give in to the urge to 'look forward' in a story, but in this book I could not resist. I almost ruined it for myself, but I caught myself just in time. :P

I will definitely be checking out some of Deb Caletti's previous books.