Monday, November 2, 2015

Music Monday: Imogen Heap

It’s Music Monday! What does that mean? The Central Mississippi Regional Library System has a ridiculous amount of FREE to you resources available for patrons. One of those is Freegal, a free and legal service that now allows patrons to download five songs each week for FREE (notice the emphasis on free). Every Monday we’ll be picking five songs that we love that are available on Freegal for you to download. Don’t forget, as of October, you also get three hours of streaming music every day for free, too!

I’ve been in love with Imogen Heap for years, before I even realized who she was. Many of you might have heard her voice even if you don’t recognize the name, because along with her solo albums, she’s part of the duo Frou Frou and the originator of the “Mmm Whatcha Say” meme.

…Yep. Before it got yanked and remixed into various songs and SNL skits, the infamous line came from Imogen’s song “Hide and Seek” on her album Speak For Yourself.

Here are some of my favorites from Imogen (no. 3 is from Frou Frou but it still counts!):

1. The Walk on Speak For Yourself
It's not meant to be like this, not what I planned at all / I don't want to feel like this, so that makes it all your fault
2. The Moment I Said It on Speak For Yourself
It's not even light out, but you've somewhere to be--no hesitation
3.  Let Go on The Garden State Soundtrack
Drink up baby doll / are you in or out?
4. Hide and Seek on Speak For Yourself
Hide and seek / Trains and sewing machines

Honestly, pretty much everything Imogen Heap does is awesome. If any of these catch your eye, head on over Freegal and download them, or check out some of her other music! All you need is your library card and pin number.

Have fun!