Thursday, October 29, 2015

Coming Soon: Books we're excited about (Amber)

As librarians, we order books every month that go out on our shelf for you to read. But as booknerds, we get just as excited for these upcoming releases as you do. We wanted to showcase some of these newly ordered books that we are excited to read and that we hope you’ll be excited for too! All covers are linked to the book’s Goodreads page so you can learn more about it, and at the end of every description, click “PLACE A HOLD” to be taken to the book in the CMRLS catalog.

  1. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews:Where to begin with this one…? I LOVED it! Being from the painfully honest point-of-view of a teenage boy, it’s hilarious and awkward and wrong in all the right ways! Fair warning: If you’re hoping for another The Fault in Our Stars story, you won’t find it here, my friends. PLACE A HOLD
  2. I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak: Markus Zusak stole my heart and curiosity during the first page of The Book Thief (SWOON), and if the same goes for you, please be my best friend! But seriously, I can’t wait for this book to come in so that I, and my fellow Zusak fans, can experience even more of what this brilliant writer has to offer. PLACE A HOLD
  3. After Alice by Gregory Maguire: If Euridyce can ever be returned to the arms of Orpheus, or Lazarus can be raised from the tomb, perhaps Alice can be returned to life.” Genius! Gregory Maguire is pure genius and I’m thrilled to see how he warps and twists Carroll’s classic tale of Alice in Wonderland! While we’re waiting for the release, I highly recommend his book Wicked to give you a true taste of what he’s giving us to look forward to. PLACE A HOLD
-- Amber